Airplane Forced to Make Emergency Landing Because Woman’s V@gina Smelled So Bad

Airplane Forced to Make Emergency Landing Because Woman’s V@gina Smelled So Bad

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“I thought something crawled up in her and died, it smelled like weave mixed with diarrhea sh*t”

Said passenger Jamal who was on a flight to Washington D.C. when his flight was forced to land early.

United Airlines Flight 193 to D.C. had to make a an emergency landing after people were getting sick from passenger Larissa Jones smelly v@gina.

Several passengers began to get sick from the smell and notified the captain and he decided to make an emergency landing in
Charlotte, North Carolina. Hazmat crews came on the plane to spray it down with disinfectant.

“I can’t believe she would come on a public plane smelling like that, I should sue the Airline for pain and suffering, I think I will have nightmares I swear I thought I was in the Twilight Zone” — Flight Attendant

The plane landed in Charlotte and Larissa was taken to the local hospital to make sure she was still alive because she smelled like a dead corpse.

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  • Jessyelena Williams

    OH HELL NAW……………………………………………………….!!!!

  • Vicious Truth

    she is the result of the lies that doctors tell woman,, like that the vagina cleans itself.. and many dumb ass woman take this literally,, and don’t wash their fucking vagina’s for years.. and lazy ass woman use what the doctor told them as an excuse to not wash their vagina’s.. Nasty ass woman.. and yes there are some really foul smelling woman out there… It’s true.. Fix It !!!!

  • Shay HK Diiva

    She do look dead like a zombie

  • Aida Dumenigo

    First of all…anyone smelling that bad, must be sick with an infection, or seriously ill, and that is very sad.

  • Bruins Fan

    LOL..Just because she hasn’t gotten laid in like 60 years does not give
    her the right to go around acting like that. And why does she even need
    to take a plane somewhere. Couldn’t she just hop on her broomstick and
    fly away? Old dried up gas bag!

  • Robin Williams

    Bollocks……. another whitewashed story

  • Dorian Mode

    I find this hard to believe how did they know it was coming from her crotch and what was the disease that makes you smell that bad?

  • orchid

    im pretty sure that must have been a lame attempt at humour… as many others pointed out, the fact that they mention the woman by name and also put up her photo should flash huge arrows to “bullshit”… this article is in my opinion misogynistic and racist………


    Well she just needs to learn how to have better hygiene in general that’s all

    Maybe it was just a freak accident

    things happen

    Are you sure it wasn’t a dead animal baby or perhaps it was an animal in a cage?

  • Marbel Lewis

    Recently I sat next to a woman who smelled/ stank horrible. She smelled like rotting cooter, underarm , bad breath and ass….. I immediately took out my perfume and started dousing myself in perfume, she was clearly bothered by my excessive perfuming but i delivered my message.

  • Alea Kadabra

    how come they know it was her vagina that smelled it could have been just a general body odor


    I don’t believe it..someone is trying to embarrass her and get revenge for some reason….smh people are cruel

  • Karl

    Trump already addressed this in a press release.
    “As president of the United states, on my first day in office. The very first day. I’ll build a wall. A great big wall. A nice one. I’d build that wall and grab her right in the p***y. I’d walk right up and do it. Then I’d throw her over the wall. Just wait and see”

    • Homesick Islandgirl Soares


  • Wes

    Besides bad hygiene, there are a few reasons why a woman vagina would smell bad. One such serious reason is cervical cancer. When I was doing my clinical rotations, I had the unfortunate duty of working with a few women who were diagnosed with cervical cancer. In the late stages, especially 3 and 4, the vagina can emit a pungent smell similar to but unlike a skunk. It was very sad to work with these ladies. Many of them become accustomed to the smell, similar to when someone is conditioned to an unkept cat litter box and doesnt notice the smell. Infectious vaginal discharge is usually the reason. Some risk factors include multiple sexual partners exposing a woman to HPV (the largest risk factor) and Chlamydia infection. If gone untreated, the outcome can very well be cervical cancer. A full term pregnancy before the age of 17, smoking, being overweight, a diet low in fruits and veggies, multiple pregnancies, poverty, and HIV are also risk factors. African American women are more likely to die of cervical cancer than other races. The odor is so bad, even through double masks, perfumed lotion under the nose, holding my breath, and other techniques to avoid the smell, it was beyond hard not to gag when being close to the patient. The odor is the worst smell I have ever smelled in my life. IF this was the situation with this story, not only is it sad, but I can understand why they needed to land the plane. I can only hope it was an issue of uncleanliness, or not even true, however the situation could be deadly and is possible.

    • Marly Harris

      So why couldn’t anyone smell it in the boarding lounge or before the plane took off?

  • Rebecca Balent

    “Smelled like a dead corpse”? Is that opposed to a live corpse??

  • funkotronic

    Hey, I think you need to step up your game on the number of ads and pop-up placement in this article, I can almost read the whole thing without it either crashing my computer or locking up my phone. What’s the matter, can’t you jam any more ads down our throat? Parts of the article were actually visible at times!!

    LOL, N00bs

  • Arthur

    I’ve been told that a woman’s vagina smell like racist fish

  • juanareyna22000

    The last job I worked in there was a girl like that she smelled so bad it was at times unbearable..they finally made an excuse up to fire her after multiple complaints. Thing is a supervisor in both situations should have taken the woman privately aside and in my case refused to let her work, and in the airlines case refused to allow her to fly until she was cleared by a physician. There is no excuse for poor hygiene and if your unable to wash yourself then try to find someone to assist you. That is just plain disgusting!!

  • Arthur

    I always here it did smell like dead fish

  • Whitfield McRory Palmer

    You know what? This kind of reporting is evil.

  • Ylbyrt

    Why anyone would tell that smelly to go to toilet and wash it for an hour not to proceed with emergency landing. It’s an easy “do it yourself ” issue.

  • James Archbald

    magneto would have lashed her for days i reckon

  • Gifty Naa Lamley Lamptey

    how did they know that it was her vagina? it could be other parts of her body or other things. so did ther really smell her vagina? smh

  • Steven

    Trump wouldn’t even grab that!

  • Carlo Jones

    “..a dead corpse.”

    • Sonny fromWi

      Look like you ready to clean her up carlo. Yo tongue is out n ready to rollup LMAO!

  • Lisa Jackson

    What does this article has to do with who’s RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT? ???? This is about a airplane having to make an emergency landing because of a woman had a BAD BODY ODOR NOTHING ELSE PERIOD

  • nina

    How u all turned this into a discussion about Hillary n racist, perverted Trump is a mystery to me!!!

  • Sigrid Cartada

    it is possible that someone can smell that bad. The way it was described sounds like fungating cancer. The person might be suffering from a cervical/vaginal cancer. Sad to say no matter how much u clean/wash the smell is really terrible.

    • That is a very disgusting smell. You are so right about that. Even wearing a mask won’t cover the smell. I would rather smell ammonia

  • Capitalism 4EVER

    She is not voting Trump, we know that.

  • Allen Solestar Lucas

    This malicious and racist post is undoubtedly false and an attempt to make black women look bad. Notice the picture of white people covering their nose and why would they use a mugshot of some black lady?? This is not funny and this BS and racist post will be reported. And not just to Facebook.

    • Truth Hurts

      Everyone knows that niggers stink.

      • Allen Solestar Lucas

        You sound like a silly illiterate ass red neck. U and your dumbass ancestors who think just like u. Jealous as shit that your race came from ours and not the other way around.

        • Truth Hurts

          Then explain why we so easily enslaved you filthy nigger apes for hundreds of years.

          • Allen Solestar Lucas

            Ur just a troll. Nothing to see here.

          • Truth Hurts

            You’re just a nigger, no evolution here.

          • Allen Solestar Lucas

            No Ur a nigger. A stupid one at that.

          • Truth Hurts

            Our biggest mistake, bringing you filthy niggers here after so easily enslaving you worthless apes.
            Oh well, Trump’s going to deport you niggers, so it’s all good.

          • Allen Solestar Lucas

            Dude I am not my ancestors. And I’m positive all this shit u typing u wouldn’t dare say it to a black person’s face! If u lazy ass not knowing how to survive on your own ass crackers didn’t want us here then we would still be in Africa. But u can’t survive without us! This country was built by us! Foh!! Ur just typing to get a reaction but I’m sitting here ? At your dumbass! U actually think Trump is about to do something special for your dumbass!! That’s why there needs to be qualifications to vote. For idiots just like u! ??

          • Truth Hurts

            I’d say it to any nigger’s face. If that nigger chimps out, that nigger gets shot.

          • Allen Solestar Lucas

            It’s so easy to talk hate behind a keyboard and anonymous page. Cowards have no choice but to hide.

          • Truth Hurts

            I scream it loud from my mountain top. Everyone already knows, anyway.

      • Sonny fromWi

        Naw, your breath stink after you went down on her and truth hurts painfully

        • Truth Hurts

          Just another stupid n1gger.

  • silkskin1960

    why do yall get on here and argue? Whatever that woman ass did or did not smell like aint our business….we werent on the plane and why do you GAF????

  • Jon Cozart

    The only shit that I smell is BULLSHIT.

    • juanareyna22000

      and evidently rotten cooter too

  • marsharichard7880

    Wow, this is nasty af every woman should keep they selfs up. No matter what, they is no excuse to be that way. It had to have been bad for the plane to make an emergency stop like that. #smdh ??


    She should have fabreezed!!!!

  • williamsollie

    Sounds like a lie to me! If she smelled bad enough for the plane to make an emergency landing because people were getting sick, the smell would have been noticed at the security check point and/or at the boarding gate before she even boarded the plane and action would have been taken at that point…Sounds like someone has a grudge against her and concocted a lie to get her kicked off the plane. Why post her photo and blur the face of others? Sounds like a vicious lie!

    • Ylbyrt

      Only inside the plane exploding the biological gas.

  • Hunter Eccleston

    I love how even a stinky vagina can somehow bring about a political discussion

  • Gee Sunray

    sounds every malicious. Did they go down there to smell it. No just grumpy passenger complaining that they sat next or near a black woman. This story does smell of American racism.

  • Joe Boyer

    This is some racist clickbait article. As anyone who’s flown knows, you get screened and checked before getting on any plane. That is if you have flown after 9/11

    • Sam

      Is it racist why cause the person so fucking happend to be black. Quit with the racist bullshit self proclaimed victims. security vs hygeine big fucking difference

      • Allen Solestar Lucas

        Yes it very much is racist! Because one, it’s a fabricated story! 2, it is an attempt to attack black women! Why in the hell would they show a mugshot of this woman because of her hygiene??

        • Sonny fromWi

          It is fabricated and it isn’t true.

  • Passion

    I don’t believe that, if it was true they would have must smell her before the plain took off..

  • Sam

    It would be a black

  • Melissa Udontknowme Brice

    This is a crazy story. If she smelled that bad someone would have smelled her BEFORE she boarded, as she boarded and as she sat down. Sounds fishy to me, pun intended.

  • Joshua Rock

    This must be run by the Freemasons. Notice the icon at the top left of the page. The pyramid with the all seeing eye and the mason symbol below it. Very telling.

    • Tracy Mason


  • Tee T

    I Smell bull shit…

    • taj

      I second that @Tee T

    • juanareyna22000

      emphasis on the smell lol

  • techobsessed

    And there is never a live corpse. Soo…hmm…
    Plus who face did they blur is the back seat but yeah show in the small box? What date exactly did this happen? All seems suspect.

  • “Nightmares, pain and suffering” sound like adjectives an American would use.

  • Steve Bailey

    They said her vagina smelled? That’s racist!

    • Joshua Rock

      How is that racist? You’re a moron… am I racist now?

    • Sam

      Fucking idiot

    • King Troll

      That’s not however you probably are.

  • Mr_miyagi

    Why the fuck would u show a mugshot of her ? Damn yall more desqusting than her vagina smfh. Fucking dumb ass americans the only fuck ppl on earth who show mugshoots and humiliate ppl because of Hygiene problems. Dumb ass nation

    • Joshua Rock

      It is America’s fault that this sensationalized story took liberties with a person’s privacy? You sir, are extremely ignorant.

    • Dave Kiley

      fuck you asshole…..

  • Joy stewary

    I dont believe…..when your sitting on a plane you have to sit there for awhile before take off…why nobody smelled it then why it has to be in the air…..then one of the flight attendant said… ( I SHOILD SUE THE AIRLINE ) knowing the job is on the line saying that…..I don’t believe that shit….an why they have to do those disgtacefull things to women….smdh.

    • marsharichard7880

      Wow, this is nasty af every woman should keep they selfs up. No matter what soap isn’t expensive they is no excuse to be that way. It had to have been bad for the plane to make an emergency stop like that. #smdh ??

      • taj

        This is dumb and I don’t believe it, if she had money to afford a plane ticket don’t y’all think she would have sense to have money for soap…. note to everyone bath and brush your teeth before u fly or just be around people lol, #courtesycontract

        • Sha

          This is BS, it smelled like weave really this is some BULLSHIT, motherfuckers trying to be funny

    • marsharichard7880


    • hotmommaof3

      Learn to speak and spell genius.

      • Carolyn Mullaney


      • Adama Salawan

        Have you never heard of a fucking dialect?

        • funkotronic

          That’s not a dialect.

        • Cecil C. Stoops

          I have heard of illiteracy being widespread.

        • Corey Gray

          Dialect has to do with turn of phrase and slang use/words, not spelling and grammar.

          For instance, you spell “ya’ll come back now” the same way in ANY dialect of English…even if it’s a dialectic phrasing you won’t HEAR in, say Boston, if they WRITE it, the spelling and grammar rules are the same, period.

          “Wash” and “Warsh” are dialectic pronunciations…one you hear through most of the country, the other is how it’s pronounced in NW Washington State (which they pronounce “Warshington”)…spelled “double yew ay ess aitch” either way.

          Poem/poime, same thing…no matter WHERE you are, you spell it “poem” in English…but depending on where you are, your DIALECT affects pronunciation…whether you SAY “poh-ehm” or “poim”, not how you spell it.

          Dialect is where you call beer “hard pop”, or Coca-Cola “Co-cola”…slang and turn of phrase. Nothing more or less.

          • I think you’re going to confuse them instead.

          • Corey Gray

            probably right

          • Kathleen Grace Leedale-Lynn

            Wow Corey really enjoyed reading your comments on this! In my opinion as my Mother use to say “speak the Queens English ” lol ? The English language can be VERY confusing at times, even for people that grew up speaking it as their primary language. Just a few examples like the word there, or the word to. How many different spellings and definitions there is for just those different words haha? It can and does get people confused and tongue tied haha ? But I enjoyed reading the couple of comments you made on here. I was born and raised in Ohio so please excuse any of the bad writing in my comment haha ?

        • Dialect?
          Without misspelling words, how do you have a dialect via type?

          • Corey Gray

            Slang use. As I pointed out “ya’ll come back now, y’hear” would be typed the same way anywhere in the states…but depending on where you are, it’ll SOUND different, when spoken…or won’t be used as a turn of phrase at all.

            “Forget about it”–universal in the US…but in parts of NYC, it’s pronounced “Fahgiddaboudit”, while down south, you’ll hear “Forget ‘boudit”, and out west you’ll hear all three words distinctly as “Forget about it”, all the T’s pronounced hard.

            Those pronunciations are dialectic…but the fact you WON’T HEAR THEM as slang or common phrases, by geography, is also dialectic…

            Another example..Aussies speak English…nobody but an Aussie, or someone trying to imitate an aussie, is going to say something along the lines of “Throw another Veebs”…slang. Dialect, just as much as the fact that if a Bostonite tried to type it phonetically, from his point of view, would have to TYPE it as “Thraw un uthah Vaybes” or “Thraw nuthuh Vaybes” shows accent AND dialect.

            I used to have a blast trying to capture accents in text, and do imitations IRL at parties and such to this day…this stuff kind of captures my interest…and the wider such an interest spreads, the more you recognize dialectic factors (for instance, what good would it do if I captured Steve irwin’s “voice” in text, absolutely perfectly…if I started typing things a Jersey Shore resident would say, not an Aussie with a passion for the outback? Loses a lot of the effect, doesn’t it? Or someone with a pure midwest America cornbelt rasp of an accent not changing his accent at all, and trying to speak in Cockney? Ask your average Brit how that comes out…lol)

          • Sonja Gonzalez

            Too much for me. I am just glad I can speak English. I am German and learned all than by my self. No school. I came here when I was 28 years and didn’t speak ,write or read any English. I graduated in Germany. It was so hard. Now I am 55 years and forgot a lot in German. Because all I do is speaking English. I didn’t had no friend or Family here. Guess How I learned English ? I watch the price is right every day. Lmao . My English is not perfect and never will be but everybody who knows me know what I said . Anywhere I go People understand me.. So I am just glad I can speak.Have a great day everybody.

          • Corey Gray

            It works, bud. Our military trains people in languages in a somewhat similar way…”total immersion”. Works like a charm, and quickly.

            I WISH I hadn’t had “textbook French” and “textbook Spanish” in school…I’d have been much better off if the two years of each I spent sitting for an hour a day trying to learn little by little, and “technically proficient” had been replaced by an EARLIER choice of what language to learn as a second language, and two years (middle school) kept in a class group that were ALL learning that language, by immersion.

            Imagine the difference…most schools, at the 6th to 8th grade levels (11 to 13 years old) are working harder with socialization issues and reinforcement of earlier education than building on that education, with a fair amount of time spent teaching CONCEPTS necessary to go forward with later education…when they’ve all made it through the early adolescent psychological processing changes that allow them to LEARN the more advanced material…such concepts can be taught in ANY language, as soon as the vocabulary is there, and spending all day, every day with students and teachers ONLY working in a single, non-native language, will rapidly create students who have the necessary grasp of the language to do this….

            It’s not the system employed by any other nation that I know of…but for a society like ours, having at LEAST Spanish and another choice available in all schools in this way, at these ages, and more languages in larger schools…we end up a polyglot nation, without giving up English as the de facto trade and technical language of the nation (a good thing, since it’s also the de facto trade and technical language of the rest of the world.)

  • Diaspora Hebrew

    that can’t be for real….putting the woman’s pic and name, wouldn’t that be against the law?

    • Crissy Icon

      I was just saying the same thing !!!

    • Aaron Zevgolis

      If it was someone from the fire department, ems, or hospital (and maybe the airline) yes it would. If it was a passenger then no it would not be illegal. Not saying this story is true because I call BS but legally speaking if it was a regular person that did it then it would not be illegal.

    • Robin Williams

      Yes it is real but the law only protects certain people as we know so does it really surprise you the face the media chose?

      • Shay HK Diiva

        Ive been saying this for years

  • Sherri Conley

    Really? EVERY story has to turn into Trump/Hillary discussion?? Her vagina is smelly? Its Trumps fault! Smells like a rotting pile of fish? Hillary!! Y’all need to grow up!!

    • missingkitsune

      Unfortunately yes. People will take every opportunity to bring that subject up. Sadly it’s part of human nature to be that vindictive.

  • dilbert

    Smelled like tRumps campaign.

    • Dustin Sullivan

      Smells like Hilary’s smear tactics

      • Mike RuggaBugga Moreau

        it’s not smear if it’s true 😛 she doesn’t even have to do anything, just let the giant toddler wreck himself.

        • Dustin Sullivan

          It’s a smear if if it’s a ten year old video about a private conversation between two men and your husband is a serial rapist you’ve been defending for decades

          • Mike RuggaBugga Moreau

            Alas… Still true regardless of age and therefore a fact, not “smear”. It also shows that this whole “showmanship” argument that he’s used to defend the other terrible shit he’s said is not that, it’s how he really feels. Go boo hoo to someone else about how “unfair” poor little wannabe dictator Drumpf is getting treated. No sympathy for the devil.

          • Mattmasic

            Nice try but you failed to justify Hillary and her evil ways

          • Dustin Sullivan

            Yea the dictator who believes in guns, the constitution, low taxes, creating jobs and putting Americans first HOW FUCKING TERRIBLE. You must be a bigger fan of the globalist, high taxes, rights taking, election rigging, elitist criminal kind of dictator

          • Dustin Sullivan

            Or as usual you’re just a hypocritical Democrat with no morals who doesn’t believe a Democrat should be held accountable for lying to the FBI 39 times but thinks a Republican should be held accountable for talking about pussy with another grown man 10 years ago

          • Choncy

            A serial rapist would be in jail, right now! Why isn’t Bill in jail? There’s nothing Hillary can do to cover up a rape, if the victim identifies Bill. Gtfoh!!!

    • Lee

      Lol your name Dilbert inadvertantly explains how you could possibly support killary

      • LonelyWolfe

        So if someone didn’t support Trump that means they support Clinton? I don’t support either of them. Bothh are not qualified to be humans let alone president.

    • Tom Gonza

      It smelled like trumps fingers,,,lol!

    • Satan